Report from TSF School of Evangelism, Ikeja, Lagos State

In 1 Thess. 2:19, Paul asked a question, what is our hope and joy? What do we take pride and glory in? In verse 20, he answered his question. He said, it is you. Those who are saved because of us are our pride and joy. 
Last week, we had an amazing School of Evangelism at The Shepherds Flock International Church, Ikeja, Lagos. Our practical outreach on Saturday produced a harvest of 152 converts. On Sunday evangelistic service, we had an additional 20 precious souls who gave their lives to Christ. What a joy unspeakable! 
Thanks to my dear friend for two decades and wonderful host, Rev. Tony Akinyemi and his dear wife. 
If you desire to see your church inspired to become productive soul winners, do not hesitate to contact me. Let us bring our School of Evangelism to your church.
Let’s explode heaven with this joy that comes from souls saved. 
Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
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