Ministry at Rainbow Christian Assembly

The impact of our ministry at Rainbow Christian Assembly, Warri June 2022 will linger for a long time to come. Thanks to Apostle Dave and Momma Rhoda Heman-ackah for hosting my wife and I as well as our team.

I kept hearing Apostle Dave say that this meeting has taken the church to another level. The fire of evangelism and drive to reach out is fresh.

The practical evangelism outreach brought in a harvest of 130 converts. Some were in the services over the weekend. One woman testified that after the practical evangelism, she went to her shop and there was no sales past mid day. She began to speak to herself that she has grace and grace is working for her. In few hours, she sold a week’s worth of goods. A soul winner can never be stranded!

That’s the impact we are bringing to churches around the world. If you desire to see your church members informed, inspired and impacted to become passionate and productive soul winners, then, you should invite us. Let’s bring our School of Evangelism to your church. The harvest is eternal!

Glory to God!

Bishop Michael O. Amamieye

30millionsouls #50nations

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