Baltimore School of Evangelism, Maryland, USA

One interesting thing about Jesus after He delivered the man with a legion of demons is that the man begged Jesus to stay with Him. Instead, Jesus commands him to go to his own people and tell them what the Lord has done for him. Mark 5:18-20. This man’s testimony of Jesus transformed 10 cities. 

One man encounters Christ. He is transformed. He is not supposed to be protected within the four walls of a church building. He is supposed to go to his own people and tell what Christ has done for him.  His testimony of Jesus has the potential to transform 10 cities. This is what we are doing with our School of Evangelism around the world. 

The tremendous impact of our Baltimore School of Evangelism at Christ Throne Ministries, Windsor Mill, Maryland, USA, will linger for a long time to come. Thanks to our beloved host, Apostle Anthony Aladekoba and his leadership team for their hospitality and generosity. They did an excellent job hosting me and my associate evangelist Rev.  Dr. Andrew Benard. 
At two degrees Celsius freezing cold weather condition, some of the participants who were really ignited with fresh fire went out for the practical outreach where we had three converts. One lady testified that she used to be very afraid to talk to people. The impact of the school totally transformed her. She didn’t know where the boldness came from to witness to several people including a Muslim she got saved. Glory to God! 

If you desire to see your church members inspired to become productive soul winners, do not hesitate to contact me. Let us bring our School of Evangelism to your church and see your church ignited with fresh fire for evangelism. 

Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
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