Kigali School of Evangelism, Rwanda

In Eph. 4:8, the Bible says that Jesus gave gifts to men after He ascended. It is clear that He finished His work. However, His work continues through the gifted men He has called, chosen and commissioned to proclaim His finished work.

This is what carried me to Rwanda last weekend where we had our Kigali School of Evangelism. It was quite an impactful one as we had over 20 church leaders including Bishops, Senior Pastors and Evangelists. 
I want to thank Pastor Kalinda Yves and Rev. Josias Nkusi for coordinating the School for me. 

On Sunday morning, I was on national television with Jacqueline Umukunzi and I had the opportunity to minister to millions of people across the country and beyond. Thank you Jacqueline for that. Also, on Sunday, I ministered at the Anglican Church where Rev. Josias Nkusi is Senior Pastor. We had 22 people surrender to Jesus. It was a great harvest. Glory to God! 
If you desire to see your church members inspired to become productive soul winners, do not hesitate to contact me. Let us bring our School of Evangelism to your church and see your church ignited with fresh fire for souls. 

Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
#30millionsouls  #50nations

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