Are you ready for this? I just cooked some good food for you. Food that Remove the virus, Renew your immunity and Restore all you have lost.

I present to you five of my books HOT from the press. You can order them in English and 8 other languages including Spanish, French, Deutsch, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, etc.

Click on the links below for each of them. There is a discount for the next two weeks you can take advantage of.

1. Confession Capsules For Chaotic Times – This is the book that contains the confession capsules we have been taking that carried us through the lockdown months. They are very effective. Get your copy here:

2. Putting Your Angels To Work – Do you know that God has assigned angels to work for you? Learn to activate them in your life and you will see amazing results of protection, provision and preservation. Get your copy here:

3. A Miracle Will Settle Your Case – Miracles are real and they still happen. Learn the secrets to enjoying a life of miracles especially in naturally impossible situations. Get your copy here:

4. Demons And How To Deal With Them – This is the book that helps you identify the invisible enemy behind all your troubles and the global crisis. This book will help you to deal with them in your corner. If millions of people know this, we all can recover speedily from this global crisis. Get your copy here:

5. Devotion For Today – Everyone makes mistakes. This devotional will help you turn your mistakes to miracles in 31 days. Don’t let your mistakes drown you. You can rise from every mistake. Get your copy here:

There is a book for you here. Get it. Read it.
Change your mind. Change your world.

This is my seed to see your transformation.
Help me to make this go viral. 

Thank you.
Mega blessings!
Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
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