Kanenga School of Evangelism, Burundi

Jesus was a man of purpose. In Luke 4:43 when some people wanted to keep Him in one place, He stated His purpose clearly, I must preach the gospel in other towns because that is what God sent Me to do. 
Going to every village and city was in obedience to God’s command to Jesus. He didn’t travel as a tourist or globetrotter. He was on a mission that only He could accomplish. 

As an ardent follower of Jesus Christ, I know I am on a mission that must be accomplished at all cost. It is this same mandate as Jesus had from God that took me to Kanenga Hill, Butanuta Zone, Mpanda Commune, Bubanza Province, Burundi last week where we had our Kanenga School of Evangelism. We trained about 200 believers who came from the hills and valleys. 
The practical outreach produced a harvest of 36 precious souls who gave their lives to Christ for the first time and 16 others who rededicated their lives to Christ. 

The excitement in the people was priceless. Most of them were doing evangelism for the first time. One man was so excited, he said that they have to be doing this regularly. 
I want to thank Pastor Pierre Barahemana and Innocent Ndihokubwayo who partnered with me to host this School of Evangelism. 

If you desire to see your church members inspired to become productive soul winners, do not hesitate to contact me. Let us bring our School of Evangelism to your church and see your church inspired to do the work of evangelism with fresh fire. 

Bishop Michael O. Amamieye 
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