Gaborone School of Evangelism, Botswana

As we get ready for our Gaborone School of Evangelism in Botswana this July 31 to August 4, 2019, I want to ask all my fans, family, friends and followers to partner with me in any one or more of these ways:
One, PRAY! When you pray, coincidences happen. When you don’t pray, they don’t happen. Let’s create some supernatural coincidences we call miracles. Pray for me. I need supernatural help. I need supernatural provision. I need favor with God, the government and people of Botswana. Pray for a great turnout of the believers in Gaborone and nearby. Samson lighted 300 foxes that destroyed the enemies of Israel one time. God can give us 300 believers who will be lighted up to light up the nation and beyond. Pray for a great harvest of souls through the practical exercise. Pray for the fruits to abide. 

Two, PLANT! No one PLANTS to fail. People just FAIL to PLANT. The law of seeds is what decides fruits. Gen. 1:11-12. 8:22. Money is the mobile force that moves the gospel from person to person. In Nigeria, you can give by text to our GTBank account number 0038894924. 
Three, PARTICIPATE! Every great harvest comes in through the participation of many people. In Luke 5:7, they called on their PARTNERS to come and help them AND THEY CAME! You can come with me by PRAYING, PLANTING your seed and PARTICIPATE by inviting your friends and family in Gaborone. 

Thank you for being a partner with us and God in reaping the great harvest fields of the earth. 
Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
#30millionsouls #50nations 

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