Shurugwi Gospel Crusade, Zimbabwe

When Philip went to Samaria with the gospel, he brought joy to the city. Acts 8:8. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings total transformation. 
This is exactly what we have seen happen in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe. Formally called Dark City is now Light City. As we drove in for our final crusade night, see light everywhere. Jesus is the Light of the world and He is now located in Shurugwi. Glory to God! 
When we had the crusade first night, August 28, 2019, the place was covered with pitch darkness. The first night, I preached the simple gospel and 21 souls saved. Several were healed and delivered. 
The second night, I preached on LET THERE BE LIGHT and while I was declaring it, the electricity was released. Many were slain by the spirit. 22 people were saved. 
We had 3 converts the last night. You can see tears of joy flowing from one of them. That is what Jesus does. Jesus is so real! Yes, yes, yes! That was exactly what Prophet Emmanuel Nuhu Kure and I shared together as we traveled from Lagos to Nairobi. I just want the world to know that my Jesus is Real! 
Let me use this opportunity to thank all our intercessors from around the world who have been praying for the past one month for a harvest of 30 million souls in at least 50 nations. God is answering your prayers. I earnestly desire these Prayer Watches to continue because it has changed my prayer life. 
Pray for our Gweru School of Evangelism today. Let the seeds we sow here produce a hundred fold harvest. 
Thank you our partners who support us with your finances. God bless you beyond words in Jesus name. Amen. 

Bishop Michael O. Amamieye
#30milliinsouls  #50nations

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