Mission To Mexico 2014

Light will always conquer darkness. No matter how bad it is or how long it has lasted, the life span of darkness ends when the light shines. Gen. 1:2, you see how powerful the darkness is as it seized every space just because there was no one to shine the light. Gen. 1:3, God spoke the light and darkness was shattered. 

For several days, I ministered in Juarez, Mexico. This is the same town I was told the previous year, you would see at least ten dead bodies everyday. 
It was darkness ruling until a few lighted beings called Christians began to shine the light and as always the darkness was shattered. 
Whatever darkness you see around you, take responsibility to be the one to shine the light. Like God, point at the space and command, LET THERE BE LIGHT! Do it until you see the light take every space. 

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